Contact Clare Lynch the Voluntary Resident Friend on
Tel: 01522 521 218 or Email: for further information.


Please note: All requests to hire a room are taken to the business meeting for discussion held on the first Sunday of the month.

Rates for Lettings

The 1689 Meeting Room             
£10 per hour              Charity rate £9 per hour

The 1910 Room                     
£10 per hour              Charity rate £9 per hour

The Library                       
£6 per hour                Charity rate £5 per hour



Health & Safety

For health and safety reasons no more than the following number of people should attend each session.

The 1689 Meeting Room             40 People

The 1910                                     60 People

The Library                                  10 People


Size of the Rooms

The 1689 Meeting Room: 30ft x 20ft

The 1910 Hall: 40ft x 30ft

Library:  8ft x 9ft